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Hyunseong main info: Real name: Shim Hyun Seong Stage name: Hyunseong Position: Main vocalist Height: 178 cm (5'10) Weight: 58 kg (127lbs) Fun Facts: •He is extremely shy around camera. •His favorite color is purple. •The members say that HyunSeong is “almost perfect, but he‘s not perfect.” •He is not very good at expressing his feelings. •He wants to be the type of Boyfriend who has a nice heart and is understanding. •When he has a girlfriend he wants to compose a song and sing it to her. •He admires BIGBANG, and wants to someday produce music albums like they do. •He really cares for the members of Boyfriend, and takes care of the maknaes. •He cried for the first time infront of Boyfriend when reading the birthday messages they wrote to him. •When he was in sixth grade he was a drummer for a band. •His original dream was to be a drummer, but later decided he wanted to be a singer in Junior High and began taking vocal lessons. •His third year of high school he passed a vocal audition and became a member of Boyfriend after only training for a year. •He spends his free time watching TV. •His favorite food is hamburgers and donkatsu. •He is said to be the ShikShin (Eating god) of Boyfriend. •The members of Boyfriend (including himself) picked Hyunseong as the member who has changed the most from their 1st album to their 3rd album. •He has an older brother. •The other members say that he is quiet and too naive at times. •His idol is label mate K.Will. •His favorite female idol is Brown Eyed Girl‘s Jea. •He ideal girl is someone who can connect and understand him. •If he was a girl and could date any of the Boyfriend members, he picked Donghyun as the person he would date. •There here was a scene in the “Don‘t Touch My Girl” MV where he had to shot a basketball into a hoop. “I don’t play basketball, so I had to practice for many hours.”