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Jeongmin main info: Real name: Lee Jeong Min Stage name: Jeongmin Nicknames: Mirror Prince Position: Lead vocalist Birthday: January 2, 1994 Height: 173 cm (5'8) Weight: 60 kg (132lbs) Fun Facts: •Likes to chew bubble gum. •He can play the piano very well, and also likes to play the drums. •His favorite colors are Red and White. •He likes Tiger fur patterns. •Known as the “Mirror Prince” because he looks at himself in the mirror a lot. •He is the shortest member in Boyfriend. •Unlike the other Boyfriend members,his parents didn‘t approve of his dream in becoming a singer. He proved himself to them after bringing home an award from a song festival and they finally gave him permission to pursue the career. •His role member is G–Dragon of BIGBANG. •He wants to be a romantic type of boyfriend. •His first crush was a girl in his high school, but he didn‘t have the courage to confess to her. But after Boyfriend debuted, he meet her again and he finally confessed and asked her to stay by his side. •His favorite song is “Yesterday” by the Beatles. •He has an older brother and sister. •According to MinWoo: “Jeongmin’s role in the group is he is the person that makes people feel that he is easy to get close with, and he has a lot of humor but it’s hard to know what he is thinking about in his heart.” •During the recording of “Don’t Touch My Girl” MV, there is a scene where Jeongmin brushed the teeth of leading actress Lee SeYoung, and her gums started to bleed. •His ideal type is a girl who is charming, is able to communicate well with him, and has a personality that is compatible with his. •He relieves stress by going shopping or listening to depressing/gloomy music. •If he was a girl and could date any of the Boyfriend members, he picked himself as person he would date because he wants to know himself better.
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