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Minwoo main info: Real name: No Min Woo Stage name: Minwoo Nicknames: King of Sweating, Human Pollution Position: Main dancer, lead rapper, maknae Birthday: July 31, 1995 Height: 174 cm Fun Facts: •He is one of the most fluent in English. •He has a bad temper, but has a tough leadership soul. •He is very good at winking. •He has a sister named Eun Bin. •He wanted to have a cool image in Boyfriend but instead got a cute one. •His dream use to be to become an actor (in fact he was a child actor for a time) but he loved the feeling of performing on stage so much he decided he wanted to become a singer. •DongHyun says that MinWoo plays the maknae role well and is extremely good at cleaning. •He received a “Best Actor” award for his appearance in a short film. •He wants to act again if given the chance. •He uses 3 shoe insoles to make himself taller. •If he could play any role he would like to be a “bad boy“. •He likes to pit the twins against each other. •He is strict when it comes to getting the chreography right, even to the older members. •He tends to sweat a lot. Even during the winter. •He is a fan of Girls‘ Generation/SNSD‘s Jessica and the Wonder Girl‘s SunYe. •His favorite female idol is Brown Eyed Girl’s GaIn. •When a fan tells him “I love you“, he tends to blush. •He calls all the members “Hyung” expect for KwangMin. •His role model is SHINee‘s Taemin because he can dance very well while singing. •He was a back up dancer for K.Will before debut along with DongHyun, KwangMin, and YoungMin. •He appeared in K.Will‘s MV for “My Heart Beating” as IU‘s younger brother. •He acted in “All My Love” along with YoungMin and KwangMin. •He wants to be the type of Boyfriend who has a manly personality. •He uses lotion instead of perfume. •He is in charge of the aegyo of the group. •The members stated that when they sit down to watch a scary movie, MinWoo is the most frightened. •His ideal girl is someone who shows her beauty to him, is cute, and thinks about him often. •If he was a girl and could date any of the Boyfriend members, he picked himself as person he would date because he wants to know himself better.