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This is not exactly "imagines" but yeah...its under that theme…or so I tried hahaha. Hope you can relate with your bias Enjoy!
They say, "There's someone for everyone" I found that SOMEONE in you... You took me as I am & thought me how to love. You saw my strength beneath my fears, My smiles beneath my tears. Just when I thought, I had lost it all. You gave me hope to move on. Now, when the night gets too cold And dreams seems so far away. I think of you & know in my heart, Everything will turn out right. I hear your voice in the silence of my thoughts. And I know I won't fall again.
Each day as I wake up & see your smile. I know, I'm finally home. Never will, I lose my way again. 'coz I know, your heart will always find me...
Cheesy much…?? Too lame…?? hahah. Thanks for checking out this random scribble. Let me know what you think...should I write more? Who to pick next??