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A/N: Okay so this chapter is longer than the usual chapters its about 3000 words. Well either way I hope you guys enjoy this chapter !!
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"Ms.Kurumi, please wake up." I covered my eyes as the sun blinded my face,"What is it Satoshi?" He gave me a pained smile and held up a needle,"I have to give you your medicine." I groaned and he gave me 8 punctures to the same vein each one sending a burning sensation through my arm. Ever since the allergy incident the 4 shots that I used to take every two weeks turned into 8 every day. I was never really specifically told what the medicine was for but I hated to ask, my dad would get irritated."Your clothes are all ready." I nodded and before getting off my bed I checked my phone and all I had was a message from Sooyung and Jin. I opened the message from Sooyung first:
Sooyung: Are you going to make it to our engagement party tonight?
I looked at Satoshi,"Did you prepare my dress for tonight's party? And the gift as well?" Satoshi nodded his head,"Yes your dress had arrived from Paris this morning and the stylists have already been called in. The gift has already come in from London." I smiled,"Thanks Satoshi you're the best!" I then quickly replied to Sooyung:
Me: Of course! I'll see you tonight. (:
I then opened the message from Jin:
Jin: Hey hun! I'll pick you up at 8 <3
I grinned and smiled at Satoshi,"You didn't pack lunch right." He nodded,"Yes like you requested." I then quickly gave Jin a reply:
Me: Alright I'll see you. <3
I then got off my bed and went in the bathroom and found a white and tan chiffon knee-length dress. I quickly changed into the dress and I had put my hair into a romantic bun with a cute flower hairpin, as for make-up I went for neutral. I came out of the bathroom and went straight to the kitchen sitting down for breakfast. "Hey sis, wow you look fancy." I looked at my sister Kanna who was wearing overalls which looked like it had a paint stain with a messy bun and I sighed,"Is that what you're wearing for your first day at QRS?" She rolled her eyes,"Yes Kurumi not everyone has to be so uptight as you I am an artiste." I laughed," Okay Okay." She smiles,"How are you feeling lately Kurumi?" I smiled,"As good as yesterday." She smiled giving a concerned smile. Satoshi then served us our breakfast,"For this morning's breakfast we have French Toast and ginger tea to calm the headache that Ms. Kanna has been feeling." I smiled and nodded in thanks. Once I finished the food I looked up at the clock and it read 7:55 I then made my way out putting on the white Mary Jane shoes that Satoshi had prepared for me,"Thanks for the lovely breakfast and Sis goodluck and be careful." She laughed and screamed,"You're the clumsy one you be careful." I just rolled my eyes and made my way downstairs.
When I arrived to the front of the apartment building Jin was already there wearing a black suit leaning on the car on his phone. I walked towards him as he looked up and gave me his sweet smile that will forever melt my heart. "Goodmorning hun." I said as he kissed my forehead."Goodmorning babe." He said as he opened my door and I went and sat down on my seat. We've been going out for 5 months now and I still get nervous around him. I have never loved a man who was not my dad or brother before. I have never thought that I was ever the person to be sentimental over something like love before but Jin gave me that hope. He smiled at me as he held my hand while driving. "Hey we missed the turn for the company." He smiles,"It's fine Hoseok told me to get him and Sooyung coffee." He then tightened his grip on my hand,"You look very beautiful today by the way." I sarcastically gasped,"You mean all the other days I looked ugly." I sobbed hysterically. He laughed,"You're so cute." I smiled," And you look as good as you always do." The car stopped at a red light and he kissed my cheek,"Thanks hun." I felt my cheeks get hot and I looked at him in the eyes and smiled,"It's green babe."
When we arrived at the coffee shop we ran into Jimin and Yoongi. They were just a bunch that I had met 2 months ago here in the coffee shop. I don't really know the reason why they came up to me but Jimin was a flirt so I figured that was it. "Oh hey Kurumi." I smiled at the man with silver hair,"Hey Yoongi." He looked at Jin,"Oh right! This is my boyfriend Jin, Jin this is Yoongi and Jimin," Jin smiled at the two as he wrapped his arm around my waist,"It's nice to meet you Mr. Yoongi and Mr. Jimin" Yoongi gave a nod,"Likewise just call us Yoongi and Jimin." They then waved goodbye and left."How'd did you meet those guys?" I smiled as we headed to the line,"Just here I was reading a book about DNA structures and they approached me." Jin cocked an eyebrow,"For what?" I giggled,"I though that the book was necessary for the seru--." Jin then held my hand,"Not the book Kurumi the boys why'd did they approach you." I smiled embarrassed. Sometimes for a supposed genius I am pretty dumb. "I don't know but I think that Jimin was trying to flirt with me considering his reputation as Mr. Playboy." Jin then tightened his grip on my hand,"But you're mine." I smiled at Jin's remark,"Yes I am." We approached the cashier,"Three Iced Americanos and One Caramel Macchiato." I smiled,"You remembered." He made a fake frown face,"Who do you think I am?" We both laughed as we headed to the company after receiving the coffee.
When we arrived at the company we went straight to Hoseok's office."Two Iced Americanos for the second cutest couple of XYZ company." I said smiling as I handed the coffee to Sooyung and Hoseok. Hoseok laughed,"Who is the first cutest couple?" I smiled,"Obviously its Jin and I. Duh." All three of them smiled,"Wait you guys think I'm joking?" Jin then held my hand,"It's time for work babe, I'll see you for lunch." I nodded as I headed out of the office and into the R&D department. The minute I arrived I saw Tae and Jungkook. I have ignored them since they decided to ditch me and only talk to them when necessary for work and they know this too so they never try to talk with me casually anymore. "Oh great Ms. Sagasawa you're here." I looked at Jinyoung,"What is it Mr. Park?" He handed me some results that I was guessing from our biggest project."The serum is not going along very well, the ingredients are not working well together." I looked through the results,"Who is making the list of ingredients?" He then pointed at the direction of Taehyung, Jungkook, Soo Kyung and Hyeri. I sighed,"Of course it's them." He smiled,"I don't want to be here for this so I'll just get back to experimenting." He then left as I headed towards them. Ever since I became head of the department Soo Kyung have tried her best to make things very difficult and I don't want to fire her because then me trying to fix things with Tae and Jungkook would be really difficult. Not that it's easier now."May I talk to you Ms. Lee." She rolled her eyes not even trying to hide her feelings towards my authority,"Yes go ahead Ms. Sagasawa." I smiled,"I need you to step up your performance, the ingredients being submitted to me is not working. We need to finish this serum and ingredients are the key factor and if the ingredients are cancelling one after the other I don't think that--" She scoffed interrupting me,"Look Ms. Sagasawa I know you have a formula already in that little heads of yours so why don't you stop giving all of us a hard time and just finish the serum on your own." She was right I already knew what would work but I wanted the research department to be able to work without leaning on me so much."Ms. Lee I was not hired to do all the work. I was hired to function in a team. So even though I have already finished the formula for the serum don't you think that you and your friends need to start working too." She was about to argue back but Tae stopped her,"You're right Kurumi we'll get to work and I'll make sure that we fix the ingredients list." He then looks at Soo Kyung and holds her hand,"Properly." She sighed,"Alright." The rest of the time just passed by and it was already lunch time.
I then went to where Jin was but I stopped in my tracks when I saw Sooyung and Jin talking I instantly hid, not really knowing why but I wish I hadn't. "Jin how long are you going to keep doing this?" I heard Jin sigh, "Sooyung, Kurumi is a nice girl and you're already announcing your engagement with Hoseok. You ended it." Why are they talking about me? "Jin...Please just take me away. Just be with me I don't want to hide it anymore." My heart dropped. Jin and Sooyung are together? How long? "Sooyung...I love you but what about Hoseok and Kurumi?" Sooyung then sighed,"I-I don't know..." I collapsed on the floor, my knees going weak from the shock. Before I knew it my chest began to hurt. As if though someone had just taken a knife and stabbed me multiple times in the heart. No I would've preferred if they did stab me in the heart. This hurt more. Before I could stop my tears they had already started streaming down my face and I just stood there frozen almost as if time just stopped. All the time we had spent together as friends and all those times with Jin started to flood my memories. Jin and Sooyung? How can I have not seen anything? All those kisses, hugs, and promises. They were all just sweet nothings. I thought he loved me. What about Hoseok, his best friend, are they going to betray him just like that? What about the engagement party? I tried to catch my breath making sure that no noise was heard by the couple.
I then saw Hoseok almost red from the anger as he ran towards Sooyung and Jin. Who I realized were kissing, explaining the silence. I stood up but before I can stop Hoseok he had already landed a hit on Jin's face. "Hoseok stop!" I heard Sooyung scream and I wiped my tears as I had gotten in between them,"Enough!" I had almost grabbed Jin's hand but I couldn't get myself to touch him so I just grabbed Hoseok,"Please Hoseok stop..."
I headed towards where Sooyung, Jin, Kurumi and I were going to eat lunch when I saw Kurumi on her knees with tears streaming down her face. I immediately ran to her and before I can ask her what happened I see in a distant Jin and Sooyung kissing. My vision went black and before I knew it Sooyung was screaming and Kurumi had her arms around me calming me down,"Please Hoseok stop..." I looked at Kurumi. I knew she was hurting I can see her stopping the tears from flowing out."Okay Kurumi." I looked at Jin who was bleeding and Sooyung next to him."Sooyung, explain to me what the FUCK is going on." Jin grabbed Sooyung's hand,"We--" I got angry just seeing him touch Sooyung,"I wasn't fucking talking to you Jin I was talking to Sooyung." Sooyung was sobbing,"H-Hoseok, I'm sorry we have been lying to you." I scoffed,"No FUCKING way Sooyung." Jin then stood up and hit me on the face,"DON'T talk to her like that!" I laughed,"YOU have no right to tell me what to do." I tried to hit Jin but Kurumi stood in between us making me stop myself before I can land a hit. Why is she protecting him? "I have always loved Jin but you confessed first and Jin he...he was your best friend so he refused to ask me out but please Hoseok let us be happy." I looked at Sooyung, "And what about Kurumi? You're telling me that you guys don't even care that you guys involved her in your little game of what ever the fuck this is."
Before Jin can open his mouth Kurumi began crying,"Enough of this..." She looked at Jin and sniffled a little,"Why did you ask me out Jin?" Jin looked down,"I-I was mad when Sooyung and I had a fight and you were there so I--" Kurumi clenched her fists,"Okay. Enough...I've had enough." She then calmly left the building. I looked at Sooyung and Jin. I grabbed my phone and called the coordinator that Sooyung and I hired for the wedding and engagement plans,"Cancel tonight's party and any plans for the wedding is cancelled." I then hung up and chased after Kurumi. I was hurt. My heart clenched from the pain of betrayal. The love of my life and my best friend both betrayed me. But for some reason the only thing that kept ringing in my head was how Kurumi had tried to commit suicide once before and I won't let her this time. I wasn't there the first time but I am here now.
"Kurumi!" She looked at me with hints of the tears still on her face. I grabbed my handkerchief and wiped the tears off her face and I locked her in an embrace. Oblivious to the people around us she began crying harder and harder."He never even felt anything with me. I was just a girl he saw necessary to grab Sooyung's attention." I stopped my own tears but I couldn't. Just hearing Sooyung's name had set me off. Kurumi noticed this and immediately wiped her tears freeing herself from my embrace,"You're hurting more than I am Hoseok...Jin and I were together for 5 months but you and Sooyung have always been there for each other. I'm sorry for being selfish." I let out a small laugh,"You're right...but I feel as if though she has always been by Jin not me. How could I have been so...so..." I was trying to find the word when Kurumi whispered,"Stupid..." I nodded,"Yeah...stupid." She then gave me a pained smile,"For a world-proclaimed genius I was pretty stupid too." A tear then started to roll down her face,"I thought he loved me...but I guess I was right all along...love is just a notion that humanity created to stay sane in a world as crazy as ours..." I looked at her. "You told me you never regret anything. Do you regret this?" She smiled,"No. It taught me that not all promises are true so I am for sure never going to be tricked by a man ever again. So I guess in a way I can thank Jin." There was a silence then her stomach growled. I smiled and laughed a little,"Do you want to go eat? I'll let you off work for today why don't you grab your things." She gave me a small embarrassed smile,"Alright...but--" I knew she didn't want to see Jin and Sooyung alone so interrupted her before she can finish what she was saying,"I'll go with you." She gave a smile feeling relieved.
We got to the R&D department without seeing Jin and Sooyung. Which is a good thing because if I did see them Jin may never live another day. I was mad at him for lying to me, for stealing Sooyung from me and for hurting Kurumi. Before I knew it I got lost in my own world trying to put things together. From the constant texts and sudden cancelling of plans. Not being allowed into her loft during surprised visits. I was being stupid. I was being blinded by my love for her. I gave her all she can ever ask for. Why wasn't I enough? I then snapped out of it when I heard Kurumi calling my name,"Hoseok are you okay?" I nodded and she gave her best smile right now.
We arrived at a Chinese restaurant and when we arrived someone stopped Kurumi and spoke to her in Japanese,"Kurumi is that you?" The man was well-built with a soft aura surrounding almost big brother like or maybe father like . "I-I'm sorry I don't think I remember you..." He looked sad,"I was your teacher in high school and the moderator for the dance club. You were are best dancer but then you suddenly stopped showing up after the overnight trip. I was wondering what had happened to you." Kurumi looked confused,"I think you have me for another student...I have never danced before in my life or have even joined a club in all my school years. " The supposed teacher looked confused,"I think I would never confuse an 8 year old high school student to another." He was right. She then gripped her head but before she can answer someone called the teacher,"Well it was nice meeting you again...I really wish you would start dancing again. Someone of your talent shouldn't put it to waste."
When we were eating Kurumi was quiet almost as if though she was in deep thought,"Are you okay Kurumi?" She then looked up,"Huh? Oh uhm yeah." I looked at her suspiciously,"Hoseok is it weird that I don't have any memory of ever doing anything but studying in high school?" I laughed,"You're Kurumi. That's probably all you did." She stopped eating,"But when that teacher he...I was trying to remember but I then felt a ringing in my head as if though something is stopping me from remembering anything other than studying..." Maybe it was the medicine. But I can't tell her that. What if she remembers what had happened. I promised Satoshi I would never say anything. So I just gave her a reassuring smile,"I'm sure he just though it was you. Besides I don't see you as the dancing type of person." She then smiled and started eating again. I was sorry for lying but it was better than seeing her fall apart the way she did during that time. I will protect her even if she doesn't remember me.


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