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Today my team will be doing minhyuks ships with everyone. And believe me there's alot. First let's go with these two little balls of Shit!They kill me too much. Ah love them. It's Minhyuk with Kihyun. There's like alot of him with him.(lol does that make sense)
And next up its the hoe couple! It's just wohno and Minhyuk.Cute.
And here's This boy with this other boy ... okay I'll stop It's Shownu with Minhyuk.❤❤❤ Ft Joheon and Minhyuk.J just some damn cuties I swear!!! Monsta X Team: @JohnEvans @VathceeAfandi99 @PrettieiEmm @Vkookie47 @IslodaPazo Tagging My Monbebes: @NekoYoongi @P1B2Bear @ jaime12213 @AlexAckerman @zionPereFlower @Hayley Yetes @AlysonLR @ortizwendy17 @twistedpuppy @jasminep96 @Karlythepanda66 @JaxomB @loganpuppy @Alittl @nacntmungyeon @swarrier And my new chingu ..@AnimeKpopFreak. !!!
Thank you for taking your time and looking at my card.
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@Xoxojessica12 thank you.
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can u Add me to the tag list?
a year ago·Reply
no keep going don't stop cuteness overload
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