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Hey y'all so we're back at it again with another eventful day for you guys. Throwbacks of Jay in his younger days. I hope you guys are ready.
Jay Park and 2PM This video is hilarious! Throwback to when Jay was still with 2PM and they had to show how they would make up with their angry girlfriend. Haha I hope you guys enjoy. Let me know how you would react to an a angry boyfriend and whose you liked better
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@firstladyofaomg can't and won't do what? 😄
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@MarrickeJ33 watch the videos or look at jay park
a year ago·Reply
@firstladyofaomg lol why not?! because he do too much. or because it feeds your soul
a year ago·Reply
@MarrickeJ33 both lol
a year ago·Reply
@firstladyofaomg lmao girl I know but I had to push through lol
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