YiJeong just looks so cute and shy with Kyungil dancing in front of him. Dokyun and his cute voice saying 'Queen' it's too much for me!!!
HISTORY in general is just too much:
Yijeong with his naughty mouth and sexy swag dancing to Queen
1st clip (18 sec): "I'm Kyungil's YiJeong."
2nd clip (1:55): "I'm coming in."
There's much more but I'll stop here lol (I may have to make a vid of Sh*t YiJeong Says)
Kyungil with his touchy hands and rudeness
Sihyoung with his weird funny derp faces
Dokyun and his motherly smile and rude tongue
and Jaeho with his contagious cuteness
HISTORY, to me, is the whole package. Up until now I've enjoyed everything they do for their fans, their music, interactions on stage, and just...everything. That explains why I'm such trash for them lol
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Bonus: Kyungil's expression looking at Jaeho
It just makes me giggle idky
@Helixx Jaeho definitely got a feel for it lol he grips it like no one else would
tbh that doesn't look like shorts unless that's the leotard cyclist shorts... @MrsKyungil so I'm going with that. probably ...
I am trash for them too @MrsKyungil. .. this card is amazing. I love them ... all of them. can we just for a second talk about that Jaeho upskirt... I hope those are shorts he's wearing.. omg
I don't think Kyungil touched Yijeong's butt enough times. I mean, did he have the chance to really get a feel for it? 馃槀馃槀馃槀
@MandyNoona I'm hoping the same thing lol cuz if not well Jaeho you just showed us your briefs