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Natsu Dragneel: Super strong dragon slayer
or Monkey D. Luffy: Super strong with devil fruit powers
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@ReillySkinner okay Bartolomeo xD
Pirate king conquers all in his path
For this I would have to say Luffy. The only one of Luffys attacks that wouldn't work on Natsu would probably be Red Hawk, which involves fire. Luffy is much faster and more durable, I'm not saying that Natsu can't take a hit, but Luffy is rubber, it wouldn't help him with the fire aspect, but it would help him with the physical hits. Plus, with Luffys Gear 4 "Bounce Man" is super op. He's kicking the air so fast hes actually flying, which gives him more mobility than Natsu, and his haki is stronger that Natsus dragon scales. All in all, I think Luffy would win.
Unless Natsu can eat enough fire to win, Luffy has superior speed, durability, and range. Haki trumps magic since it doesn't seem to have energy limits and it works really well in those without Haki... the same can't be said for magic as it works just as well on wizards as it does monsters. Luffy might fall victim to the water weakness, but by that logic Natsu will get motion sickness. Luffy can activate his gears much easier than Natsu can transform and Natsu ain't outsmarting Luffy. Winner is Monkey D. Luffy
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