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wanting to look like kirito but I thought he looks like zoro
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(I just kept thinking, *bump the inner wrist so he jumps back gashing tops of knuckles for good reminder not to play with knives*)馃槖馃槉
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man, that's not even a real sword
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@nicocoup Mommy only lets him near the silverware when she's not around... 馃槈
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Ah that's adorable! *throws my mattress at him* how do you like that? Ha! Mattress to the face bitch! You having a bad time yet? * asks while jumping on the mattress that is now on top of this idiot*
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@acduelest 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 Yeah, but then a couple of minutes into your fun, you're like, O*F*! that kid had knives, huh? Then pick up the mattress like... *hhhhsst-huhhhh* Damn... Now I'm gonna have to clean *that* up! 馃槀
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