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It's sad that so many anime just doesn't seem to stick to or live up to the manga not to say I don't enjoy them but you lose so much of the story it's such a let down. there are just so many like Sekirei and Negima just to name a few you also have Rosario Vampire, just so many that would have been so much better if they stuck to the manga.
I agree. and I choose manga but when it comes to animes like your lie in April like just thinking about the music and the color there's no way you can experience that in manga you know?
*cough* *cough* Tokyo Ghoul *cough*
manga all the way, I get upset/disappointed when a anime veers off smh
yes I love the anime is OK but the manga is way better!
@EmilyPeacock black cat was my shit I forgot all about it
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