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D.O x OC Word Count: 786 Need to jump back a chapter to the beginning? Chapter 1
안녕 여러분~ Since this is my first fanfiction, I've decided to take some parts slowly so I can make decisions. So I suppose this is a short chapter -- lol only on chapter 2 and it's short.
D.O's dream was rather pathetic: EXO had just finished the last stage of the tour and D.O looked around and realized they were all the epitome of walking zombies. The managers came and escorted them all to the vans. And they drove to the body talked. No meetings afterwards. D.O got to take a long, hot shower and sleep. It was a long sleep. He woke up to a bright sky and had the urge to start cooking again. Oh how he missed cooking breakfast for everyone. After the eggs were finished and the pancakes were on the table he saw the boys file in with their noses up sniffing the air. They all looked happy. Nobody was wearing last nights makeup. Nobody's faces were swollen from eating ramen too late at night to fill their tummies from not eating. They all look well rested and like they were taking care of themselves. D.O smiled at the memory of the time right after debut; when their trainee lives ended and they could relax more. They felt like a family since they lived together and worked together.
Unfortunately D.O's dream was rudely ended right when he was about to take a bite of the strawberry covered pancake by his manager who shoved him to wake up. D.O was startled. Why was it dark? He looked at his alarm clock next to him and saw it was only 5 in the morning: EXO's daily wake up call. D.O took a cold shower to help him wake up, but skipped the coffee since the manager was complaining about him gaining weight.
It was still dark out when the managers gathered Lay and D.O together to get to the site they'd be volunteering at. Lay actually looked a little giddy to go -- D.O loved that about Lay. He always seemed excited to help people. D.O was going to take the opportunity to have a nice conversation with Lay about what he should do about the weekend. Lay always made good choices. D.O tried to not fall asleep in the van because he would feel even more exhausted when they arrived.
"Hyung, I need your advice." D.O began. Lay turned so he could fully see D.O. "I've had a lot of activities lately so I haven't been able to sleep much...and I'm exhausted. The managers have given me an opportunity to rest this weekend, but there's a catch." Lay looked interested as to why D.O would skip the much needed rest. "A fan wrote to the CEO about her illness and requested that she could meet me in person. For some reason the CEO was feeling generous and offered the whole weekend for the two of us. I'm..enticed to meet her since she chose me, but I feel so drained right now. If she had chosen you, what would you do?"
Lay hesitated to make a proper response. "The fans are the reasons EXO is so successful. I would take any opportunity SM would provide for me to meet one and get to know them and why they like us." For some reason D.O's heart felt happy when Lay said that. He felt like that was what he wanted to hear, so he smiled back at Lay and nodded to indicate he understood.
With the decision made, D.O worked hard at the volunteer site cleaning up mountain trails. D.O made sure to show his usual side on television: the whole quiet, but determined attitude. He didn't talk much, but the main hosts of the show made sure to include him in everything and tease him for stuff he didn't realize were a big deal. It was the only way hosts could keep the show funny since all they did was pick up trash...not a funny plot to it. Lay was featured a lot since he seemed so happy. He was able to give inspiration to the most negative of people to turn around and change their lives. Once the two returned to the dorms they quickly showered, but it seemed pointless as they would be sweating in the practice rooms learning the tough choreography.
Before D.O ran to the practice room, he took his time walking to the head manager's office. He knocked on the door and walked in. "I would like to meet this fan. It seems like a good opportunity to connect with the fan base more and I'd like to show a nice side to me." D.O found himself smiling as he announced his decision. The manager smiled back, gave a thumbs up, and D.O scurried out of the room. He knows he made the right decision. He suddenly didn't feel as tired at the thought.
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