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So I just found out about @BBxGD and she is in need of our thoughts, and prayers once again. So if you all would take a few minutes out of your day to say a little pray for her. She is taking the news very hard and needs all the love and support we can give her. I love you sweetheart don't lose hope and get discouraged i know it's been one thing after another, but you are a fighter and will overcome this. I love you Jiline <3
Don't even think about giving up.
We love you baby girl I know it's extremely hard right now, but it isn't the end so don't give up.
Everything but story: @JustinaNguyen @swarrier16
Inspirit Fam: @PrincessUnicorn
Innercircle forever: @TerraToyaSi
@BBxGD always remember you are loved. I'll be praying for you to make it though these tough times. 🙏
@MelissaGarza @YongRaviZiMon @petname83 @EmilyGardner @AimeeH Thank you guys 💙💙💙 And thank you for this lovely card❣
God is more than able to heal so please trust him^^
Keep on fighting and Your submission to god is more crucial . Our prayer follow you .Be really strong .
Prayers always. ♡
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