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안녕하세요 친구!! Have I bothered you enough today? No?? Good because a few hair color changes have been case you didn't notice.

Vernon (버논)

Seungkwan (승관)

Joshua ♡♡♡ (조슈아)

Woozi (우지)

Jeonghan (정한)

Bias #3
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@Mightmuffin he had blue hair? the only time I remember having blue hair was when he was Harley Quinn for Halloween and dyed his tips pink and blue. the only other time could be talking about is Mansae era, but his hair was purple not blue.😟😟
really? @MaelstromVIP oh. huh? but I remember seeing his hair blue
@Mightmuffin that was either clip ins or the lighting when his hair was purple. cuz depending on lighting you could have one hair color but it looks like another. the only time his hair was blue was for Halloween when he was Harley Quinn and when he added clip-ins to his bangs during 아주 NICE.
ohhhh @MaelstromVIP ok that makes sense
@Mightmuffin glad I could help