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Deku and All Might
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@AdamDean I know they aren't biologically related... but If you really think about it He's the one spending the most time with Him and has potential of being a Father Figure to Izuku due to the fact of His Absent father
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@BlackoutZJ Just wanted to make sure. Every time I'm online people who haven't even read the manga (back when there was like 3 episodes of BNH out) be coming with "theories" about how Deku is actually All Might's son. I'm just like... he has a dad!
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@AdamDean Yea and it kinda sucks that we haven't gotten to know where his Father is or if he's even alive... I wish we knew more about him... a small back story would make me happy
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@AdamDean And I've seen alot of Dad Might Shippers on Tumblr it's pretty much grown on me lol
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this anime is going to bo so dam good I the second season I can't wait
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