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Here's some detail from the Zelda rumorville: 1. The game is a direct sequel to Twilight Princess. 2. The game will be Open World. The player will be able to explore a vast and seamless Hyrule. Around 70% of the development team are solely working on content to fill this Open World. The aim is to make it full of content and have more side-quests, sub-dungeons, and collectibles than any past 3D Zelda. 3.Motion controls have been dropped. 4.There are 10 dungeons. You can play the first five in any order, and when all are complete, you can play the later five in any order. The game now features a term Aonuma calls "Parallel Dungeons". You will have to multi-task between all 5 dungeons to complete them. Solving puzzles in one dungeon will open doors and change the layout of another 5.Princess Zelda will have a deep involvement in the story. 6. Regarding the scale of the Open World, Aonuma is aiming for it to be on par with Skyrim. 7. All the NPCs will be voiced. They will speak in a fictional language that will represent Hylian. 8. Aonuma states that the game will definitely be announced in 2014. E3 is the most likely venue, not a Nintendo Direct. Take it with a grain of salt, but it's written quite elaborately. If only half the things listed here turn out to be true, I'm getting myself a Wii U
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@nshen1 yes, I think that's the one! that was a good game!!
@minjaeturtes Ocarina of Time?
Twilight Princess was pretty awesome, although the one for N64 (I forgot the title) holds a special place in my heart lol
Twilight Princess was my favorite Zelda game, really can't wait for the official announcement
A skyrim-esque Zelda game would be awesome, but I will not buy a wiiU for it.
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