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This reminded me of just how ridiculous kids sound when they're talking about dating and relationships. I remember when I would go to slumber parties when I was a little girl, we would gossip about boys and talk about the different 'bases' we got to.
Unfortunately, I was never really that popular, so the conversation would go like:
IDK Some Girl: "Dani, which base have you gone to?"
Me: "I lost my way to the baseball field."
(I used to think that joke was SO funny.)

Do you remember the ridiculous ways you and your friends used to talk about dating/intimacy when you were a kid?

Hahaha "I lost my way to the baseball field" I've never heard that before! I was just dying right now!!
@assasingod Middle School Me was all sorts of witty. Do you remember talking about stuff like this when you were a kid?
Omg. 馃槀 I love it, @danidee!! Sooo, question for you and @Miichi. You both had sisters. Did you talk to your sisters about these things?? Seems to me that would be...easier?
@danidee I got a sister after that.
@Miichi What happened after 5th grade? Did you just hang out with boys more?
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