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True story, it just happened to me. I can't stop laughing.
ok so on the the way home we see this cloud. Mom: that's an interesting cloud Me: it's searching for someone Mom: ........ Me: ........ Mom: You watch Too much ani-Cartoons lol for one it's anime, nothing like cartoons. for Two there is NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH ANIME!!! ( obsessive laughing )
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@Mikazuki1 We are not messed up people! We are beautiful people that the normal people can't understand so they call us weird or messed up to try to lower us to their level! Don't let them do it!
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@Panthora It was a sarcastic comment I obviously did not mean it
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@Mikazuki1 I know lol I tend to be a little bit on the dramatic and sarcastic side myself I guess it didn't sound as sarcastic as I thought it did XD
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if by messed up you mean fun yup we are
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@Panthora no worries neither did I馃槄
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