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Security wouldn't let me record so sadly all I have to remember my boys are these hearts and my memory I have post concert depression...sorry guys.
I have such terrible post concert depression from the Chicago show! It's honestly such a terrible thing why can't my whole life be a kpop concert?!?!
It's like such a high when you're there and then it ends and you have to go be a normal human again
@erinleighbrill Omg it's the worst, It's getting better but every now and then I get a flash back of Jackson or Yugyeom 馃槀 I wish the had back to back concerts like in NY or LA bc I would have gone to both!
I don't care about finances I will go to any concert that is offered to me! I guess I'm just lucky to live in a city where if idols do come to the states they're mostly likely going to be in my city. All I can look forward to is whoever is coming next!
@erinleighbrill same same, I went broke just going to Kpop concerts this summer and KCON...lol What is life