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HELLO PEOPLE!!!! So I'm starting this new thing where we debate on anime topics. Yes I know there are a few debates out there already however for mine I'm gonna put a few rules in here.


1. Respect everyone (Obviously) 2. I will be the judge of the winner 3. The winner of the debate will be announced by the end of the week. 4. Most of have fun! So how is this going to work some of you may ask? Well I will be posting a new debate each week for you guys. All you have to do is comment and argue which you believe is best and I will read through the cooments. Which ever side wins me over, will be the winners. Also I am a simple minded person so I don't really have much opinions on who is better so dont worry, I will not be bias. At the end of this week, I will be posting another card explaining who the winners are and why. Since this is my first one, I just want to see how it works and if any of you want to do it, please comment under if you have any suggestion.

Anyways lets get started shall we!!!

This week's question is who is the better couple:

Intorducing Natsu/Lucy OR Gajeel/Levy from Fairy Tail

(Natsu and Lucy)
(Levy and Gajeel)

Anyways have fun and I will see you all next week!!! **Btw, I really can't choose between theses two so I need help also, lol**

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@Riethu that's pretty much exactly my feelings, except, I think that I think their bond stems from what happened in the Phantom Lord arc. I think it started out with him being so protective of her because he doesn't want to see her get hurt again, especially because that was his doing. And because she has such a kind heart, she recognizes that, and it's just grown into such a beautiful relationship! I love NaLu, but GaLe is one of my top 3 OTPs, so it's GaLe all the way for me! 馃挋
Im sorry but no. Nalu is better than Gale. Regardless of how much I like Gajeel, the fact that he beat Levys ass to a pulp when he first met, in real life I dont EVER see two people lime that coming together. Since we want to argue real life that is. To say that natsu and lucy haven't shown romantic intrest in one another is false. Yes maybe it favors lucy more with how many times she's shown intrest, even though natsu usually ruins it cause he's thick headed, but one of the best examples is in the magic games. When out of all the people she saw Natsu was the one she cried over the most. And again here recently when she was so concerned with natsu's health after he met Zerif. My point is, is that there is something more than just friends between them and honestly, in real life that would develop into a relationship while Gajeel and Levy would have most likely never happened in real life.
@Straightshooter Concern for a friend? That's it? Really? being concerned about someone isn't romantic. Its human nature, especially in anime. Even in real life you would be worried if a friend of yours was on their deathbed or had the $h!t beaten out of them. The only real time she's shown any kind of romantic affection for him was in the filler episode where she thought he was flirting with her. And it didn't extended beyond that episode.
I disagree. How she shows concern for other males in the series compared to the attentive attention she gives to natsu shows a clear difference in what she defines as a mere friend. Your right that attention isnt everything, but in both real life and anime the amount of attention you give to others and how deep that attention is defines a lot. Thats why I said that yes while it does favor lucy more in showing intrest, thats mainly cause natsu is thick headed like the majority of the main male characters in anime
@Straightshooter Let's look at the list of females in Natsu's life. Erza. Cana. Mirajane. (Don't know how frequently he's interacted with Evergreen prior to their take over of Fairy Tail... same of Bisca and Levy) Lissana at his early stages and besides Lucy (not counting Juvia and Wendy who joined later) that's basically it. All of them are incredibly strong mages. (I don't remember seeing Levy in the flashbacks of the Fairy Tail members as kids) Mira and Erza are both S class, and Natsu especially respects Erza, since she always demolishes him easily. Cana is an S class candidate and stated by Hiro Mashima to be the third or fourth strongest woman in Fairy Tail. Later Juvia and Wendy join, and they are both very powerful. Lissana is even now quite powerful, Lucy is arguably (though it's harder to say this after the second time skip in the manga) The weakest Fairy Tail female mage (not counting Carla obviously) with the exception of maybe Lissana, since she's been gone in Edolas. Of course Natsu would want to protect her more than anyone else, she's weaker. Don't get me wrong, she's reached levels on other Celestial Spirit wizard has (summoning multiple sprits, the spirit king, and her spirit dresses) but she is physically very weak. Unlike almost every other wizard, she doesn't fight herself, barring the occasional whip usage. So it makes sense he would care/protect her the most. Remember the Tower of Heaven arc? Natsu saves Erza the exact same way he does to Lucy when Erza had given up hope. If any member of the guild was in a pinch, he doesn't worry as much, because they are all experience wizards. For the majority of the show, Lucy is not. She's an assist to the monsters Erza, Grey, and Natsu (and eventually Wendy). And who so most of the villains go after or have a grudge with? Lucy. (Though later E.N.D. becomes the bigger focal point) the entire Phantom Lord arc, Capricorn of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, even one of the most recent villains in the manga (i won't spoil just in case) has a personal grudge against. Granted, when Grey or even Makoa for that matter are hurt or in a tough spot, he gives them tough love, but this could easily just be because they're guys and they have their pride. Heck he's shown more romantic feelings for Lissana as a child than he has towards Lucy as an adult. He understood marriage and blushed at the thought of marrying Lissana, and now... he seems to have dematured (i don't know if there is a word for that). Gale on the other hand work together, both saving the others life several times (Tartaros being the prominent example.) they are equals and partners. They have fights and arguments but always make up. Its much more like a real couple.