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Gay bars around the world are dumping their Russian vodka in the wake of the continuing crackdown on gay rights in Russia. I've put up a few cards about how ridiculous these news laws are, but is this kind of 'protest' going to do anything? Almost certainly not, I'd group this with almost every 'awareness' campaign out there. Awareness campaigns want to spread information so people know that a problem exists. They don't really get anything done however, and I think almost all of them are a tremendous waste of resources. Google the Susan G. Komen foundation for an example of a group that spends millions of donor money not on cancer research but on awareness...
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@curtisb It's true that simply spreading awareness doesn't achieve things. However, it's also true that spreading awareness is a pre-requisite for taking action. Also, probably in this case with the Russian law, spreading awareness is all they CAN do
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@curtisb but yeah that Komen Foundation CEO, if she has any conscience, should not be accepting so much money
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@minjaeturtles its true that spreading awareness is important for issues people don't know much about, which doesn't include cancer. I guess its debatable on Russia but I think this was pretty well publicized
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