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Usually, everyone looks forward to this time of year.

And why not? Students have off from school. Amusement parks, water parks, and other fun attractions are open for business. We eat more ice cream. We get more sleep in. And we get to go on a lot of trips!

However, summer also kind of sucks, right?

I think sometimes we get so involved in the marketing of summer (ie: 'fun in the sun!') that we refuse to talk about the parts that are, well, a whole lot of crap.

Comment below with something you can't STAND about summer.

Mine, for example, is what summer humidity does to curly hair!
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@ButterflyBlu You teach dance? That's awesome! What style? And that summer portal sounds absolutely evil! I can't even imagine the insects! *shudders* I live in Texas, where bugs are twice the size as their normal cousins elsewhere. Bees are huge, spiders are huge, even black ants are huge and aggressive.
that one guy that has to be odd.
Mowing the lawn is one of the reasons why I love winter.
the effing heat man! and no AC except at work and on the bus. no fun in weekends
trees dont work @danidee