2 years ago500+ Views i just had too get it out of my system. It's BS honestly...and for Rap Monster to feel that bad that he couldn't sleep is complete BS! He is a rapper...if you turn on the radio it's far worse. It's what he does best, it's what he loves to do...if Armys keep it up..his one thing he truly loves can even be taken away from him. So watch what you do A.R.M.Y.s or at this rate BTS can be disbanded in any upcoming year!!!
I don't know why are they criticizing them, like hello! have you heard about Jay Park like its hip-hop, they all sound like that.
I do agree with you I see nothing wrong with their lyrics I love these boys!! I wish I had a way to tell rap monster that I love him and he has so many people supporting him!!
I personally haven't seen any sexist lyrics. If you see some let me know. I have never had an issue with ANYTHING from BTS
right i thought that too. I'm like if u don't like it don't listen to it simple as that
maybe its because I have heard worse things in other korean and western songs about women....because I did not see this a being sexist. I rather be called a "present" than "bitches" and "hoes" like I hear in other songs
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