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Derp: The Baby Face (aka Yoseob) Edition
*gasp* Is it happening? Have your dreams come true?? A quality late-night derp face provided by none other Baby Faced Yoseob??? Indeed! - But wait, there's more! From the cute to the ridiculous, there's one quality derp face for all your late-night-laugh needs; just keep scrolling! (And also forgive me for this terrible infomercial pun *bows kind of apologetically*)
Adorable abject terror!
Just plain ol' ridiculous~!
Too Cute~
Much Sexy
Very... umm... ?
Uh... ??
UHH... ??? ..... ... *cough* ... Lets go back to cute and derp shall we?
And can't forget some more gifs of course!
Isn't he just too much? Welp, that's all folks! But wait...
Sad like BFY to see this card end? Well, have a group derp to tide you over till next time!
Hope this brought a laugh (or a giggle or even a chuckle) into your day (or night?)! See you again soon! This derp of the day was brought to you in part by: Noelle ✩ Original owners of gifs and pictures and Yoseob, of course! (and you know the rest of Beast and Cube I guess...) My fab Q3 Squad! @Tayunnie @ChoiJiah @Beauty1Monbebe2 And of course the lovely B2uties: @mitchix5 @obiterdictum @SusiBosshammer @AimeeH @sherrysahar @keziahwright @lysettemartinez @missykim @choijiah @robertakm64 @jamimilsap @reyestiny93 @PrettieeEmm @YarSyn @XionHeart @AlexisCortez @lafe578 @sweetnothing34 @Kayto4 @BlackFawn @linzi0302 @giselacampos14 @linzi0302 @yukigintokie @MelissaGarza @KellyOConnor @IsoldaPazo @axosrain Please ask to be added or removed from this tag list!
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Omg!!!! Yang Yoseob!!!!! I love him sooooooo much
a year ago·Reply
That's my husband, my everything!! ☺️☺️
a year ago·Reply
the first image in the card is my YouTube icon and I laugh everytime
a year ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply
Ahhhh so cewt!!!!!! I just want to hug him and give him a big kiss on the cheek!!!!
a year ago·Reply