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Got7 FlyinNYC Jackson, Mark, Jr, Youngjae, JB American dance
Thank you BamBam for getting more than half of Got7 to do this dance. They were too hilarious at this concert, i would def pay for this again. My view tho!!!!
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yes! i think bc it was the last they went all in. it was great!!!! they know how to hold a concert.
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Well I guess he gave in since it was the last day and yes they do. I've been to a couple of them and I actually had a lot of fun at this one, very memorable.
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where? overseas!? Yea this was definitely memorable. I had a great view plus a high touch. They made my life lol
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No here in the states. I've been to Kcon last year and this year, seen Big Bang, EXO, Teen Top, and went to the AOMG concert. Since you had a hi touch is Jackson short? Because I know that bothers him a lot when they tell him he is short.
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honestly him and Yugyuom was a blur xD im sorry i only remember Mark, BamBam, JB, Youngjae and JR
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