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Has this ever happened to anyone else
I don't understand why people feel the need to say such things to others especially when they are complete strangers. When I read that second message it made me feel sick and my chest got tight and cold. I can't help but wonder what someone like this gets out of saying something like this. Especially since I've never spoken to this person before. It actually makes pretend worlds seem that much better than this one. I mean if dealing with this is what it means to live in the real world why would I want to be a part of it. How is his world where saying this to someone is considered alright better than anime worlds? So what's your thoughts on things like this?
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i wanna go to the chula vista. great place
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whats his name again? *says taking out a death note* and do you have a picture of his face?
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id whoop some major ass
a year ago·Reply
@ThomasJennings You! Why do you have my Death Note!?!
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lel, you should try 9chat/Cookie. there's a lot of nice people there
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