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I don't understand why people feel the need to say such things to others especially when they are complete strangers. When I read that second message it made me feel sick and my chest got tight and cold. I can't help but wonder what someone like this gets out of saying something like this. Especially since I've never spoken to this person before. It actually makes pretend worlds seem that much better than this one. I mean if dealing with this is what it means to live in the real world why would I want to be a part of it. How is his world where saying this to someone is considered alright better than anime worlds? So what's your thoughts on things like this?
Honestly, don't even stress it whoever this is sounds like a f**king tool they don't know you and don't care to know you. they don't know about your life and they don't care, These type of people are closed minded, ignorant and self centered. I'm with you it does make pretend world's a lot better, people like him are the reason why others refuse to socialize and be their true self, plus if watching anime makes you a waste of a life then damn I guess at 20 I wasted my life being a United States Marine, having traveled to different places, being grammatically proficient in 2 languages and learning a third, helping my family and others, learning to be a better person each day and not being a narrow minded, ignorant, waste of a brain, inconsiderate, insecure piece of sh*t just because I watch anime and read Manga. I'm sorry if I'm going on a rant but these kinds of people get under my skin. Please ignore this you are much better remember he DOESN'T KNOW YOU, you are probably 100000000 times a better person than he is. Please do not let this get to you. You are much better than this or him.
people are so cruel, just ignore him. and in all honesty if he had a friend that liked anime and showed him, he'd probably like it too. he just has to find his taste. ppl are so quick to judge. Don't let him get to you💕
Don't listen to them. They are an asshole. Don't let anyone make you feel small just because someone pissed in his Cheerios. There is absolutely nothing wrong with watching Anime, and I'm pretty sure Otakus out number small-minded people. ♡ Keep your chin up. Anime is awesome, and so are the people who watch it. ♡
I don't know and thank you @TwizzlerBae
That's horrible!!! No one should say those kinds of things!!! 😡
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