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I just saw a rare Vixx mv. This mv is a little older and also features OKDAL(info about then later). It has a reflection theme and it is very bright. NO dark VIXX here. Super cute and happy. It is mainly a vocals song but Ravi does get his part. I love the whimsical theme. It reminds me of fairy tales and has a color scheme that is blue and red. I think that is to show the difference between the female group and the male group.
Is a two person group that mostly does drama themes.
The members are
Kim Yoon Joo (김윤주), (vocals, keyboards, guitar)
Park Se Jin (박세진), (vocals, melodion, xylophone).
TV Show Theme Songs
My Love Song - The Time We Were Not In Love OST (2015)
A Kind of Confession by Kim Yoon Joo (김윤주) - Sweden Laundry OST (2014)
It Happens - Miss Korea OST (2014)
Cocktail Love with Shin Jae - I Need Romance 2012 OST (2012)
Bohohaejweo - Late Blossom OST (2012)
Geudaewa Na - Late Blossom OST (2012)
Bomi Omyun by Kim Yoon Joo (김윤주) - Late Blossom OST (2012)
Teddy Bear - My Princess OST (2011)
Here it the mv. I hope you like it. I really enjoyed it. Leo's part was my favorite (of course).
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I saw this video when I discovered VIXX. I was like looking up all their past videos, and saw this one included. It was a cute song and video. ❤
i saw it a while ago...i feel some emotions listening to this song