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so who are these two characters?

Honey-senpai and Usa-chan

Thank you so much for playing! make sure you come back tomorrow to play in the next Guess that Anime Character!
The ones who said Honey-senpai!
The ones who said both!
The ones who were right but made my day!
The ones who made my day!
The ones who need to watch OHSHC
@TheRedWolf35 and BlackDragon88
@BlackDragon88 I'm actually not a big fan of black Butler but don't tell my friends. 😉 some of them are fewks about it and would kill me
@BlackDragon88 lol but that's just me, so idk about you
@AnimeNerdie I watched some of it! But it just wasn't for me, last time I unwatched it I almost barfed out rainbows for how they acted towards each other
@mayarich03 I will decide on that. But I will probably see it how I saw Black Butler. Not my thing, feels as if it is targeted for girls mainly. (not that guys don't like them too)
@BlackDragon88 it's good
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