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Seventeen HipHop Team-Intro-
These Crazy kids are absolutly amazing because they cannot function without each other.
This is the hiphip team's Maknae. This is Vernon(HanSol) He has participated in show me the money. Might I say he was an adorable child.
This Wonderful man is not only the leader of the group. But he is a fantastic leader and hyung to younger members. He is S.coups!(SeungCheol)
He is the Visual for a reason. Mingyu is not only of the visuals, but he is the tallest by a lot. His talent is awesome and he definatly belongs here in Seventeen.
MY BIAS!!!!Wonwoo has stolen me from Woozi who stole me from Jun who stole me from Woozi. Anyway this man, Who is unwell at the moment, Is amazing and wonderful. He has the deepest voice and the best (Warning language) Bitch face on the planet. He is amazing. I want him to be better so I can see how he looks in sespenders, but I also want him to get well and rest. Ugh, Im so conflicted.
Bonus Meanie pics and gifs.
@Mikim000 Ayyyee girl dat last gif tho 😍😍😍😍😍 LOVE THE CARD
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