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Author's Note: I know I usually put music with my fan-fictions, but only gonna do it when A song is involved in a chapter or inspires a chapter haha. Bare with me too I know my grammar and spelling is crappy but I try my best to edit. And I'm also gonna use the first card slot for the previous chapters, since it limits you when you want to use things like bold italic and underline -_- ... oh and this will only be posted on vingle too ...yay! haha
Let's Begin... Chapter One >>>>>
Normally I would only work as a bodyguard manager for one of the company's important staff. If not for a talent from the corporate's talent branch. Yet, lately we the company, Royal Corp, has been doing agreement deals with other labels.
They even opening their doors to outside talent, and business. Meaning they need security to grow. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind doing this kind of work. I'm even aiming to be the head of security for the company, since it is my family's company after all.
I want to be that heiress that takes over the security department. I have a lot of plans for it. Recently though, I was transfer over seas, and been working with outside talent, for ally companies.
The corp just seal an agreement deal with this company called AOMG. It just so happen that security was part of the promises in the agreement. So instead of working on taking the head position of the Security department, but I was assign to play manager/bodyguard for someone in AOMG.
I have my fingers crossed it was for the only girl in their company. Working with Hoody would be a piece of cake, and I wouldn't have to worry about my fangirl side slipping out. After all I am a huge fan of the AOMG crew.
Been a loyal J-walker since 2010, and Simon Nation since 2012. I can't afford to lose my cool on this job, or else I can kiss that head of security position goodbye. "Hey, are you the bodyguard or the manager that Royal Records sent?"
I looked up at the person in front of me, and rubbed the back of my neck. My heart stop when I realized it was Gray. I licked my lips, and mentally scream in my head to keep a poker face when at work.
"I'm actually both, I can be either one you need me to be. Though sorry staffing is tight. So, I am the only one they can afford to send over." He nodded his head, as he looked crossed his arms and looked me over.
"All black? Is that uniform or something?" He raised an eyebrow, while looking back up at me. I was wearing black distressed jeans, black on black Addias, and a plan black t-shirt. It was summer, and I was going to over heat myself, but I did my best to look casual professional, by wearing the jeans, and designer shoes.
"Ne, but I am a bit more dress down, compare to the companies security team dress code. Since like I said, I can be a manager." Gray closed his eyes and took a deep breath, before it turn into a heavy sigh.
"Okay, well I'm Lee Seonghwa, but everyone knows as Gray. I'm the president of AOMG. We are kind of short handed on managers, and the fact that you can play bodyguard is a high quality for us."
Seonghwa praised my as he looked over my way again, after introducing himself. "When you work here, you don't have to wear all black, just casual is find. I'm gonna assume you have a high grade phone. Use it please, it helps us a lot if were not the only ones keeping track of schedules we have."
I pulled out my LG G5, and waved it. Seonghwa's lip twitched a bit, as if trying not to smile. "Perfect! Now if you come with me, I'll introduce you to the crew. You'll be helping manage all of us, so you'll be assign to anyone that needs managing."
I nodded my head before walking behind him a bit. He led the way up to he back, where the personal lounge was for the crew, when working together. "I'll have someone give you a full tour of the place later. For now I'll like you to meet every-"
I raised my hand and waved to the person I called. "Ugly Duck, Elo, Loco, Hoody, ChaCha, Simon and Jay Park." Gray just gave me a blank stare, when I looked over at him. "I do my homework, before I go on assignments."
He nodded his head, while I turn to bow to them. "Annyeong, I'm Lavi, but my family calls me La La, its a pleasure to meet you." Gray put a hand on my shoulder, when I straighten back up.
"LaLa is the manager that was sent to work for us, from Royal Records. She the only one coming due to staffing shortage, but we score when we got her. She has been train to be a bodyguard."
Chacha stood up, and squinted his eyes, as he walked over to me. "Lala? What's your family's last name." I gulped, as it felt like my heart was sinking into my stomach. "Ryan... Lavi Ryan is my full name."
Chacha's eyes got big, as he smiles turn into a big grin. "I know who you are...."
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