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My second member is Hansol! Look at his eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!
Real Name: Kim Hansol Birthday: June 15, 1993 Height: 172cm (5'7") Weight: 61kg (135lbs) Star sign: Gemini Position: Vocal, Dance Blood Type: B Birthplace: Busan

And more!

-His ideal type is an older girl with short hair, very beautiful, and who has deep set eyes. Fans often say he is describing Say from EVoL. -He's very close to Say of EVoL. They were trainees together. -He was a trainee under JYP. -During auditions, he was a part of a group called "Bigone" with 24K's Daeil. -Hansol is one of the few members who promotes using his real name, but he originally had the stage name Mad Light, or ML, given to him by Jenissi. However, when it came time for Topp Dogg's debut, it was deemed that too many of the members had English stage names so he went back to his real name. -He wanted to become a singer since the 8th grade. -The most trouble he's been in with his parents was when he hurt himself playing with scissors as a child. -If he wasn't a singer he'd want to be a dancer. -He says he has a "black and white personality" meaning that he never sits on the fence and has clearly defined emotions, almost as if bi-polar. -He also suffers from anxiety attacks. -And like a few of the other members, he worked as a backup dancer for EVoL, predebut. -During their debut, he almost always wore blue contacts. And he still occasionally wears them now. -He LOVES B-Joo. LOVES.
@XergaB20 my ID is kaekook
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@XergaB20 my phone quit working so I had to get a new one
Loved it nice work!!
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