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Pokèmon GO
Who else is playing Pokèmon GO?! I usually don't go outside, but with this game I need to go outside to find Pokèmon😂 I be playing this while going to school and coming from school. I found one in my bathroom, and behind my school. Who else finds it hard to find Pokèmon's? My friends sometimes find it weird how I walk around randomly and knock into stuff😂 It's dangerous if you don't pay attention where you're walking, so be careful!😁 SO WHO ELSE IS PLAYING THIS!!?
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me too. (n_n)
a year ago·Reply
we are three 😀
a year ago·Reply
I drove around last night to 4 gyms that were close by just to see what they were like and take them over. -_-
a year ago·Reply
I am now
a year ago·Reply
Yep. ^_^ Mind you, I'm a borderline hikikomori, yet here I am running around trying to catch a krabby. XD
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