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For me... it would probably not be okay with me... well my reason is because... If we all find out that our perfect world was fake... then it would probably hurt and break us and all those memories was all fake Well I'm pretty sure you guys have a different reason But mine is it's better knowing the truth than be living in a lie And I'm pretty sure you guys don't agree with me and comment below of what you think and I might also agree with you guys cause sometimes im the kind of person who easily changes thoughts
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not sure
I would say no, because I would enjoy the idea of one person working hard to achieve his goal. Just think about, putting your blood, sweat and tears into your work and watching it bloom is an awesome feeling. I like the feeling of something you worked so hard on be completed on your own. Even if Naruto didn't have parents, he'll love his children to the fullest BECAUSE he doesn't want his children to experience neglect like he did.
Well idk I mean it depends girl are my kpop baes my friends?
@jeppblackmen same BUT ME AND ONLY ME can love bt BIASES
No matter how good it would feel, no