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Kpop Memes 68 馃槀

Happy Funky Friday~

Here are some memes for you to celebrate the end of the week! Enjoy! XD (Credit to owners!)

Which meme was your favorite?

Mine is the Suho one...his face with those words is so freaking funny LOL

Also, if you would like to be added to the taglist for this collection let me know as I would love to add you! Love you fam~

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Mine was when Suga handed Jimin a water bottle and the Train
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I love the Finding Mino one. I love the Jin quotes and the sub thing where Jungkook "says" IFU lol.The one where Jin burns his food, that one's so cute! The or did this picture save me was good, the one with Yoongi and Jimin made me die, and I lost it at BTS as trains because frickin Rap Monster and Jungkook's are priceless. I don't get the Sanha one though and the Jeonghan one was so bad but extremely glorious at the same time.
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omg the lucky exo fans at the end馃槀馃槀馃槀
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Lol the lucky fans one
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loving your memes! pls add me to your tag list~ :-D
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