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Alright here is the second chapter....of this awesome collaboration story. I hope you like this chapter Here is chapter 1 written by @SweetDuella
“Jenni we need to get a big group to come to the studio.” Sarah said right before she stuffed her face with noodles. “Yeah, but who?” “Do you think we can try contacting a few entertainment places to see if they’d want to help us?” Sarah said “Well that might work, but I’m sure most places want to make sure they get something out of it.” “They will! They will get more air time to promote which ever group along with their company as well.” As they ate they sat quietly and thought of who they thought might actually help themout here. They both ate really fast so when they were done eating they got up and paid and left. “You know what I want right now” Sarah said laughing “No what’s that?” Jenni asked “Ice cream…And can you guess what kind of Ice cream?” Sarah said still laughing “I can only Imagine Monster cookie Blizzard.” “No, No that is not its name it is just Kookie Monster. Get it right.” They both laughed “Ok let’s go get us a Kookie Monster.” Jenni said trying to contain her laughs “Oh man if only we could really get Jungkook and Rap Monster.” “I know! Why is it that those two grab our attention so much.” “Well is it weird that we both are older than them and have a thing for them?” “Hey I’m not that much older than Rap Monster.” “Yea lucky you, there is only what a four year difference? With me and Kookie there is…. A big difference. I could never imagine him even wanting to date someone my age.” “Oh come on Sarah you’re not that old. There is only about an 8 year difference and you don’t even look your age. “Yea I guess. Oh man I kill myself. You know if we ever got them on the show I would ask Jungkook to call me Noona. I would just die.” “Ha I know it.” We finally arrived at Dairy Queen. “2 Kookie Monsters please!” I said smiling. The guy didn’t correct Sarah and just rung them up and handed them there blizzards. They sat down and started to enjoy there dessert.
“Good Morning Ladies!” “Morning” “Here is the script for today and the guest for today as well. Now please make sure before the guest’s come that you follow the script. Once they are here I can’t ask much but please behave yourselves.” “Ok we will try” They both said. “So looks like the normal stuff, and songs we get to pick….and Oh my gosh Jenni did you see who the guest is!?!” Sarah stopped in her tracks and almost dropped her coffee. “Did I read that right!” Jenni asked with a slight yell and the girls exchanged looks then looked back at there boss. “Yes you read it right.” He said and in a second there were screams coming from the girls. “Oh man I love my job!” Sarah screamed jumping up and down. “I am so allowed to ask the underwear question with them!” Jenni said laughing. Over the next few minutes they calmed down and then they pulled up there music to have a good idea of what they wanted to play today. “Good Morning lovely listeners! This Is Diamond on the mic!” Sarah said “And Lovely Ruby is here as well” Jenni said with a laugh. “Today we have an exciting schedule planned for today. Ruby do you think we should tell our listeners?” “Hmm. I think we should. But when is the question. Maybe after this song.” Jenni said picking a song. “We are going to start today with ‘Fly’ by Got7 because who doesn’t love this song!” Jenni said and we were out. “Jenni We really need to mess with the listeners.” “Oh I know we are going to milk this. Plus we don’t want to reveal it to early we need a lot more people to get interested in who our guest is.” The song ended and we came back. “So do we have any callers who want to try to guess what is so exciting today? Here is a small hint. We are having a special guest.” Jenni said “Look at that the lines are lighting up already. Hello caller who is this?” Sarah said “Hi my names Amber.” “Hi Amber! Who do you think is our guest today?” Jenni asked “I am going to say Got7 since you started off the show with a song by them.” “Good guess… but no it isn’t them. Although that would be great. JB is my bias and I would probably not do my job. Ruby would have to talk while I stared at him.” Sarah said laughing “Ha no we would need someone else to be in here, Mark has slayed me and if he even looked at me I’d run out screaming.” Jenni said “Ha true, Amber do you have a bias of Got7?” Sarah asked making sure to bring the caller into the conversation. “I really like YoungJae.” “Ah he is special. I used to not like him, but then he did something to change that. You know those weird looking fedora hats, the really big ones? He wore one in the Got7 Drama Dream knight and I normally hate when anyone wheres those hats but after he wore it in that drama I now love it when he wears them.” Sarah said “Same here” Amber said “ That drama made me sure it was him who was my bias.” “Ha that drama did us good” Sarah said “Alright now I know we can talk about Got7 all day but we can’t, Sorry to cut this short but keep listening ok Amber.” Jenni said “Ok! I love you guys!” she said “We love you too! They both said “Alright we can have a few more guesses before the next song. The next few callers guessed, EXO, JJCC, MonstaX and Girls Generation. Over the next 30 minutes there was some conversation and then they decided 10 minutes before the group showed up they should tell the listeners a big hint, and then let them know right when they walked into the studio who the group was. “Alright our special guests are almost here, here’s a big hint, They debuted in 2013 and they have started to become well know internationally.” Jenni said “Wow Ruby I think that really did give it away.” “Well they will know for sure in oh look at that 5 minutes.” Jenni said “Alright well play one more song before they come. Hmm a long one. Oh I got it! ‘Fire’ by BTS’” Sarah said “I love this song. They did great this time even though they only released 3 new songs.” Jenni said “Yea agreed, Alright listeners enjoy and well see you with our special guests!” As it went out The girls stood up and fixed the studio for the members that were coming it. It was going to be Crowded in the little booth but honestly they didn’t care. The song was halfway over and the door opened and in walked the boys. “Hello! I’m Ruby and This is Diamond!” Jenni said “Is that really your names?” “No Just like you guys we have stage names. Ok take your seats were about to hit the air again.” Sarah said “Alright I’ll bring us back.” Jenni said “Ok go” “Welcome back listeners! Did you figure out who our special guests are? Why don’t you all say hello.” “Hello we are BTS” “Ahh” Sarah squealed “Diamond!” “I’m Sorry I couldn’t contain my fan girl.” “It’s ok it happens." Jimin said "Ahhh" Jhope squealed as well "Sorry I thought it would be less awkward if I did it too." The guys all shook there heads. “Ok I have a question.” Sarah started “Wait Diamond we have to ask certain questions.” Jenni said “We will I just need to ask Kookie this before we get into it.” Sarah looked at Jungkook who was next to her. “What kind of question do you have for me?” he said quietly. “ What was that piano game you were playing on one of your bangtan bombs?” “Really! Diamond you want to know about a dang game?” Jenni laughed “Ruby this is serious business” With Sarah saying this everyone in the room interrupted into a fit of laughter. “Its called Piano Tiles.” Jungkook finally answered. “Ok hold on I want to get this downloaded.” Sarah said quickly getting it on her phone. “So are you really good at it?” Sarah asked “Yea!” “He is really good at it V and I suck at it compared to him!” J-hope said “Ok well since I am a beginner, we should have a battle when we have a break.” Sarah said to Jungkook. “Ha ok but I warn you I wont go easy and purposely lose, that’s something V does.” “Hey!” “Its true” they all said “Ok, now that that is out of the way lets get back to what we are suppose to do. Rap Monster we will start with you.” Jenni said “What’s that Ruby?” he said causing her to turn a light pink. “Start with an introduction then we will go through the rest of the group, this is for those that don’t know you yet.”
Alright if anyone wants to be tagged or untagged let me know....I hope you all enjoy this story I know I will.... *we will make one big tag list once we know who all wants to be tagged in this fanfic.*

Jenni the balls in your court now!!!

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Why do I have a massive craving for ice cream right now!?? lol Mmmmm kookie monster! 😆
@Animezkpopgirl I'll make sure your added to the list thanks for reading!!!
J-Hope fangirling too was so cute!!
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