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Chacha's eyes got big, as he smiles turn into a big grin. "I know who you are...." I felt my entire body tense up, and noticed I was holding my breath. "You're one of the heirs to Royal Corp? What made you want to be a manager or bodyguard?" They were all staring at me, waiting for my answer.
I took a small deep breath, and held my hands behind my back. "Well yeah, I'm one of them, but I'm not the oldest. He already showing signs that being groomed to be the next CEO. I want to be the one that takes over the security. I'm very family oriented, so taking over Security allows me to protect my entire family."
Jay, Seonghwa and Chacha nodded their heads. As the others went back to messing with their phones, or computer. "Respect." Jay got up from his seat, and pocket his phone. "So there really isn't a need for introductions, since you know who we are, and thanks to Chacha, we now know who you are."
I gave him a warm smile, as my body finally relaxed. Jay extended out his hand, but not the way one does for a handshake. It was gesturing that I give him something. "May I please see your phone?" I blinked only once, before did as asked. His lips curled up at the corner, making a smirk, when he took hold of my phone.
"LG G5, nice..." He held it out to me, as a way of asking for my password. I put in the code that unlock my business side of my phone, but kept my personal locked. "Thank you..." Jay then pulled out his phone, and seem to be signal transferring information over from his to mine.
"I'm giving you all our info, so when needed you can be our manager in a split second." I nodded my head, as I listen to him, but Chacha broke my focus, by poking my shoulder. "Yo, relax, we're all lay back here, so no need to be strictly serious."
I just smiled, and waited for Jay to return my phone. Seonghwa and Chacha went back to their work. "He not kidding, you seem a bit up tight. But can't hold that against you. It is your first day. Takes times to get used to a new job, right?"
Jay spoke up, while he handed back my phone. His phone return to his pocket, as I noticed his soothing smile. "Yeah, I don't mean to come off stuck up or up-tight." I checked the information he put on my phone and noticed it was more Loco, Gray and Simon involved.
Well there went my hope. I really was looking forward to working with Hoody only. She wasn't that active, so she didn't need me at all. I was being designated to play manager for those that stay in Korea.
"So you know, I can speak fluently in about ten languages." He raise an eyebrow, since I seem to have caught him off guard. "Seriously?" I nodded my head, and noticed he was impress by his cocky smile.
"Would you mind traveling over seas with one of us?" I shook my head no, and caught him licking his lips. "I'll have to talk it out with my co-ceo and predz, but we might just do that, okay?" I grinned at him, as my way of saying I liked the idea, but my smile caught someone else's attention. A arm wrap around my shoulders in that same moment.
"Now that your business with the boss is done, how about I personally give you a tour of our company." I looked to the arm's owner, which just so happen to be Ugly Duck. "Hope you don't mind me asking this first though, but how old are you?"
The question made Jay appear curious about the answer as well. "I was born in 1991, but you're older...that's all I'll say to answer your question." As much as I loved this crew, I had no intentions of getting attached to them all.
Once I had the chance to get the head position to Royal Corp security, I was going to go for it. "So that means we're all your oppas, and unnie. So you can call me Duckie oppa or if you want to get personal, Ju Kyung oppa."
He winked at me, which creep me out a bit. I removed his arm from my shoulder, but the way I went about it, made Jay laugh. Ju Kyung looked hurt, as I looked at him seriously. "Ju Kyung-ssi, I hope you weren't hitting on me, cause I don't like to mix business with personal."
I called him out on his, earning more chuckles from the others. Chacha patted my shoulder, to get my attention. "How about I give you the tour, seem Duck-ie creeped you out a bit on his approach." I nodded in agreement, and went with Chacha to tour the company, leaving Ju Kyung dumbfounded.
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