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The Bias Alphabet!!!

Hai Hai~ I made up this cute little game that already exists but I don't care it's fun xD But if you want to do this game then here are the rules. You have to take anyone of your biases in alphabetically order. It doesn't matter if they're a soloist or part of a group. Or the gender doesn't matter either as long as they are one of your biases. Also... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STAGE NAME ONLY!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For example let's say one of my biases was... Jackson of GOT7 It would go like.... H- I- J- Jackson (GOT7) Get the idea? Btw I love Jackson ~ He is "Out of this world" ;) *cough* That was a hint
And sorry if we share the same biases xD Not everyone on the list is my bias.. A few are my bias wreckers xD So lets start~~~~~~~~~~~ A- Amber (f(x)) I love her so much :D I love how she isn't afraid to be herself. B- B-Joo (Topp Dogg) Literally the cutest person ever!! (Besides Hobi XD). C- Chanyeol (EXOK) Urgghh I love how his ears poke out and when he raps.. <3 HOLD ME BACK!! D- Dara (2NE1) I love you Dara but... EAT!!! Why so skinny!! E- Eunhyuk (Super Junior) My biggest bias wrecker!!!! So attractive and funny like honestly why do I fall for rappers?! XD F- Fei (Miss A) A very fine lady with talent and brains ;) Who is my bias wrecker in Miss A.. G- G-Dragon (BigBang) My Ex UB... Sorry baby but.. I'm in love with someone else.. H- Hyungwon (Monsta X) I have been fangirling over him A LOT lately!!!!!!!!!!! I- IU (Solo) A very petite cute singer :D Love her voice!! J- J-Hope (BTS) {My Little Clover} MY BABY XD I LOVE YOU AND YOU GIVE ME HOPE!! TOO MANY THOUGHTS TO SAY ABOUT THIS SEXY PIECE OF A MANN!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 K- Ken (VIXX) My 3rd UB.... You kill me everyday.. But I still love you so its okay xD L- Luhan (Former EXOM) My bias in EXO-M... I miss you :( M- Minah (Girl's Day) Omg... I am so in love with her like its not a joke xD N- N (VIXX) I want his voice so fucking bad... Well I also want Hyuk's but I love Hakyeon xD O- Onew (SHINee) I can also fall for older people xD Especially leaders..
P- Psy (Solo) Honestly, I prefer Daddy then Gangam Style xD Q- Qri (T-ara) Once again xD Older person.. A leader xD R- Rain (Solo) Too sexy for words... Can I be your 'Magic Stick'? XD IM KIDDING!! I know what he meant ;) S- Sunny (SNSD) MY GIRL YESS!!!!!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL AND CUTE IN LOVE AGAIN!!!! T- Taemin (SHINee) MY BIGGEST BIAS WRECKER IN SHINEE!!!! WHY YOU TRY TO SEPERATE KEY FROM ME!!!! U- U-Kwon (Block B) I can not handle you xD Ugghh..
V- V (BTS) He is a little pancake xD So squishy and fluffy <3
W- Woohyun (Infinite) CAN I HAVE YOUR VOICE?!?!?!?!?! DAMNN
X- Xiumin (EXOM) Xiudaddy <3 <3 <3 That's all I have to say
Y- Youngjae (GOT7) -_-... Y'all know how I feel about him...
Z- Zelo (B.A.P.) Sexy maknae ;) Bias wrecker here xD And when he raps... Don't get me started xD {That last one @MrsChoiJunHong don't kill me xD I love him too.. Well he is my top bias wrecker but still XD}
If you make one tag me :D
i am going to murder you @MrsJungHoseok ...YOU KNOW ZELO IS MINE!!
@MrsJungHoseok LOL!! You got me there! For my biases! XD
@XergaB20 Do it for Xero.. Do it for your biases xD