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Super Junior Teen Choice
So Super Junior has been nominated for Teen choice international artist again so go and vote for them! Also remember to keep voting for Super Junior in billboard's fan army Face off, we've already made it to round two but let's keep going ELFs! I tagged the mods but maybe someone can add the Sapphire Ocean? I'm sorry I don't know everyone. EDIT: I've added the links to vote Teen choice: Billboard: @Kpossible4250 @Cutebabylay @Gamerkyumin @KokoronoTakara @TwistedPuppy
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where do you vote! on it!
a year ago·Reply
I went online and type teen choice award and it popped up
a year ago·Reply
I edited it with the links :)
a year ago·Reply
I just saw also ELF is the only kpop fandom for best fandom so go vote there too!
a year ago·Reply
@EsmeraldaCayeta I did that And that what I got.
a year ago·Reply