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Ch. 8 "I can't anymore..." says a very exhausted Susi as she collapses onto the floor. "Me either." says Tae as he lays next to her. Both were breathing hard and sweating. Susi laughs lightly "That was the most intense we had done yet.." "True but we are still not finished." says Tae as he gets up. "Come on." Susi groans as she allows herself to be pulled up by Tae. The rest of us come walking back into the rehearsal studio with drinks. "I still think the dance squence towards the second verse doesn't fit quite well." said Sammie Rae. "Well show me what you think will work, cutie." said Hobi with a smirk and a wink. I smile at how cheesey they were being and think about Jin and I. Things between us hadn't gotten any better. He was still avoiding me and would only speak to me when both of our groups came together. But even then it wasn't much. We had been practicing at every available chance we could spare for the past 3 weeks. Within those 3 weeks we had all of our hair cut and colored and our images changed. "Ok, you guys are getting good." says Morgan as she walked in. "Hi Kookie." she says a little flirtaciouslly. Jungkook does nothing except smile and blush softly. "I know how improtant it is for you guys to practice but I need you ladies to go back to your dorm and rest. Tomorrow is going to be the first photo shoot with both you and BTS. We are going to be announcing you ladies as Big Hit's newest artists." We all get excited, well at least us girls. "Let's get going then ladies." I say as I start to head for the changing rooms to shower. "Um....Glo?" says Jin. I turn to face him. "Yeah." "Um....can we talk before you go?" I look back at the girls. "You guys go ahead. I'll catch up." "Alright Glo." says Yoona as she passes by smiling. "Play nice now." says Susi as she winks at me. "Will you go please." They all start giggling as they leave. "We're going to go too. See you back at the house Jin." Everyone leaves leaving the two of us alone. For a good 5 minutes we just stand there staring at the floor occasionally glancing at each other. "I....I want to apoligize to you for the way I had been treating you when you first arrived." "What? You mean how you have been ignoring me?" I snap out. "If acting like you like me was just for show then you should have mentioned something to me." I turn to walk away. Jin reaches and grabs my arm, "Glo, will you please give me a chance to explain before you walk away? Please." I pause but don't turn around to face him. "I'm listening." I reply. "It's not just for show." he responds softly. "I like you.....a lot....but I get nervous very easily when you are around. I've never had a girlfriend before so I don't really know what I'm doing." I face him slowly to look him in the eyes. "What are you trying to say?" Jin stays quiet for a moment but I can see he is trying to think before he speaks. "What I'm saying is, is that I want to get to know you better. More than just my co-worker. I didn't want to call you because I want to take things slow with you. I wanted to take you out for lunch and ask for your number myself. I didn't want to get it from Jimin or any one else." He steps closer to me as he holds both of my hands in his. I get lost in his eyes as I look up at him. I blush softly as he raises one of his hands to stroke my cheek. Before I knew it, he started to lean into me lifting my chin but before his lips could touch mine, we hear cheering and clapping. We look towards the door and see everyone standing there watching us with smiles on their faces. "Well it's about damn time!!!" screamed Susi. Jin and I both blush like crazy. "How long have you guys been standing there?" I ask. "Long enough to hear Jin say he wanted to woe you without any one's help." stated Morgan. Everyone started to laugh softly. "Well as much as I would love for the two of you to continue this little love fest, you girls really do have a big day tomorrow and we need your rest. So Glo you need to head to the dorm with the rest of the girls. Jin, you will have plenty of time to make her yours. Now let's go." said Nina as she also joins the party.
Anna and Samantha both walk over to me and pull me away from Jin. "Come on unnie you heard her." says Anna. I look over my shoulder back at Jin to see him smiling. All on the way home, all the girls could not stop talking about me and Jin. The following day we arrive at the location of our photo shot. "Ok so I want to stick with the girl's original group image but with a few changes." said Morgan. We take a lot of photos in our plain masks. Big Hit decided to release each of our photos individually so as to draw more attention. It wasn't long before netziens were going crazy. "Big Hit Releases Teaser Photos Of Possible New Girl Group" "No Names Have Been Released For Big Hit's Newest Idols" "Oh my god can you believe it?!?!?" squealed Kiara. "We are the talk of all of Seoul." We found it all crazy at how much attention we were getting even though no knows our names or our faces. "Hitman said the reason why they wanted to do it that way is because we have fans back in the US and they didn't want to reveal who we are because they didn't want people to discover us before the company had a chance to introduce us properly." I said. Mary was watching ShowBiz Korea when our photos came up, "Big Hit has released teaser photos of a new idol group but the catch is, they haven't mentioned just who these young ladies are, nor have they mentioned any group name. When we spoke to a representative of the company, we were told that the big reveal day for the ladies will be soon but refused to give away any further details. These ladies have been spotted with a few members of BTS so we can only assume that the boys are working closely with these girls. BTS is scheduled to perform at the Seoul Music Awards in 2 months so hopefully we may know more by then." Yoona and Kimchi start to jump up and down happily. "We were on T.V.!!!" We all started laughing as we watched them. We continued to practice the routines with the guys making sure we nailed it. Before we knew it the award show was 2 weeks away. "So are you guys ready for your semi-debut??" asked Tae as we all sat on the floor of the rehearsal studio. "A little but that's to be expected right?" answered Cari. "Yeah it is but don't worry. You guys will be our dates plus the audience and fans will be too focused on us to even notice you all." We all started to laugh.
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Awe finally Jin! That took you forever! lol Yay cant wait till there pre-debut!😊