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Sad that I just got into this group considering they announced they're breaking up as of April 2016 >.<

This group has been making awesome music since 2007 and I can honestly say I love every song I've heard of theirs.

Aoi Shiori

"This sky, too blue, a detail we might forget

But promise me at least, you’ll remember me

And the days that we have shared"

Koi No Jyumyou

"If sadness sharpened its claws,

and wanted to tear you away,

even if it got closer,

I'd let it end there, that bad dream"

Arashi No Atode

"Buried in my bag, was that promise I made with you.

With the intention of thrusting it out, I rummaged around,

But what I pulled out was a towel, and said "Here, use this."

What am I doing? I thought."


"My lungs can keep breathing,

For as long as it takes to get up and back down;

Even if I finally arrive, I'll say, "One more time!"

Just keep aiming for the top!"

You might recognize it in Haikyuu Season 2!

Does anyone else have Japanese Indie groups they listen to?

I'm trying to get back into that scene :)

Tagging my Jpop lovelies!
noooo😥 why do amazing jrock groups disband? same thing happened with hemenway and now this!!!😭
Ooooo those lyrics are so deep!! 😍 I'll have to check them out but how sad that they're breaking up... 🙁
I found this group from a playlist on 8tracks they sounded cool, too bad they've disbanded.
@SimplyAwkward my friend is trying to get me into haikyuu! I watched two episodes and I'll admit, I like it ㅠㅠ
I love haikyuu and really need to get into this band
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