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I'm never giving in or giving up!! I won't grow to be different than I am or who I wanna be. I believe I am who I choose to be. I've been happy and sad, ups and downs but through all of that I don't wanna change my beliefs!! I want to show the world that they can believe in me believing in myself!! One small pebble can change the ripple creating an entirely new ocean tide!! No matter how small or insignificant you can seem, one heart can save another creating the change to spread and save even more!! I just wanna always believe that I am here to never stop smiling or adventuring!! I'm sure people will enjoy it along the way as well!!
@KurosakiJess ARIGATOU means a lot and I'll always be The man in the Straw Hat!! But I have to say the exact same about you, stay how you are, this captain needs his Kōkaishi Nami!!
Like I've told you before, (more than once I feel like) never change who you are. You're awesomely perfect the way you are, Taichou!!!!! (: