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Ok this is based off my results for the 4th Beast screenshot game. THANK YOU @Choijah and the Q3 squad!!!! ahhh I was about to post up a story for screenshot game #3 buuuuut it was too long I got bored. Anywho I'm doing this one because it gives me so much to do hahaha. alrighty so I decided that I'll do this in parts and here is the first one. Next part? Two
"Well if he shows up your screwed....oh maybe he won't remember you," "Yeah I doubt that and once he sees me I'm turning around and walking the other direction....does this dress scream slut who wants a quickie or I just need a beer?" A panicky voice whispered. She turned around and let the edges of the skirt sway across her thighs. "Why do you even care? You can make up and be done with it.....slut for sure....I liked that green one you tried on a while ago. It screamed 'Im fine so don't ask' plus it was simple and I can picture you walking around in it," her friend chuckled just before walking out of the dressing room. Han Tae Chan stood contemplating as her eyes shifted from dress to mirror. Yup, that's all she had to do. Make up with Hyunseung and be done with it. He obviously had a happy life. Thats what others said.....yeah she wasn't on his Facebook friends list but she was friends with people that were. Honestly she never quite built up the courage to add him. Tae Chan closed the door to the dressing room and changed back into her normal clothes. Once ready she placed the dresses she picked out on hangers and left to put them back. With a quick deep breath Tae stood up straight and paid for the dress she wanted then left side by side with her friend. She could do it. Make up with that man and hope he held no grudges.....wait what if Gikwang or Dongwoon shows up? They knew things that Hyunseung didn't. If they spilt the beans after all These years then Tae Chan was going to find it harder to clear things with Hyunseung. Would he let her explain? Did she have to plead with them to keep their mouths shut? Ugh this was the worst. Three weeks later..... The sound of birds chirping danced off trees during the afternoon. Cars were driving up as people dug through their trunks lifting suitcases and shuffled down small paths leading to cabins. Bugs floated around curiously passed noses and swathing hands. Yes, this was the vacation that could either lead to good memories and stronger bonds or nightmares that left hearts broken. Tae Chan drove around the parking area for about five minutes before she found a spot. Once she set the car in place Tae scanned about the familiar faces passing by for a moment then unbuckled her seat belt. She fixed her sunglasses and slid out of the car heading to the trunk. When the trunk door shut Tae felt her courage start to slip from her grasp but she started moving. forcing her feet to take one step at a time Tae pulled a smile over her lips just before finding her way down the path. She pulled out a small paper from her back pocket and gave it a glance as she followed the rest of her peers. 'cottage #8...cottage #3...#4, #5.....#7.ahh cottage #8.'Tae stopped and placed her hand on the knod to turn it. giving it a giggle back and forth Tae realized that the door was locked. 'That was odd. Who else was here?' Tae stopped for a moment glancing about and spotting a person leaving the cottage across the pathway. "ahh Dae Lee!" she waved and called to the female at cottage #7. "Do you know who else is in this cabin?" Tae Chan gestured to her own door. When Dae Lee heard Tae she turned and smiled. "Tae Chan? How have you been?" she looked at Tae's hands noticing she asked a question. "oh I think Min Hyun rooms with you....did she lock you out? She left ten minutes ago to the lunch room," " thank you. I guess I'll go find her." Tae turned towards the path and started to roll her bag off the porch when Dae Lee muttered something she didn't catch. she ignored it and kept going wanting to get this over with so she could lay on a nice comfy bed.
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