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SUPER BEAVER formed in 2005 and are still a prominent force in the Japanese indie/rock community.

They are most well known for their song Shinkokyū (深呼吸), which was used as an ending theme for the fifth season of Naruto Shippuden.

Shinkokyū (深呼吸)

"There is always uncertainty and wandering mixed in
feelings that run far away into an uncertain future.
Whenever the things you want to protect increase
You leave your sadness behind and continue on."

ありがとう (Thank You)

"'I'm glad I've met you' one says
It's so cliche
It doesn't matter
Even so We have to say
We'll all die one day
Thank you I love you
Thank you Thank you"

らしさ (Rashisa)

"Just what is 'being yourself?'
I never worried about it when I was a kid."

Their lyrics are very uplifting and their songs are all incredibly catchy so I encourage you to listen to more!

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@lordeath666jp but that's jrock o.o
@SimplyAwkward sorry didn't know, but i still wanna know whos the cutest kpop male artists tho
I don't like any bands but I'll make an exception for this because not only did their song come out in one of my favorite animes but their lyrics are awesome!
The lead singer gives off a Jung Yong Hwa when he looks at you and I liked the mv's