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This meme randomly reminded me of the time I found a potato chip that was SO BIG that I refused to eat it.

I was eating a bag of Lay's and playing Warcraft (as one does when they're too young to do anything fun), and I pulled out a chip that was literally the size of my face. How it remained in tact for so long was such a mystery to me that I knew I couldn't eat it. Needless to say, I kept it like a weird potato chip pet for at least a week.

Have you ever emotionally connected with food? Maybe it looked like a famous monument or it was strangely deformed, and it was too special for you to want to eat?

Admit it.

I would totally devour that monstrous chip! Mom used to keep a papaya tree at our old house, it didn't fruit much but they were always super sweet. One summer i found this huge papaya hanging among the smaller ones, we got very excited and waited impatiently until the harvest time. But when the time comes, we split it open and found an alien looking thing inside! I think it's the papaya's twin! it was slightly green with a tinge of yellow, looked like a baby's head! My mom was so freaked out she cut down the tree in following summer....
One time for my birthday I had a GOT7 cake and I didn't want to eat it cause it was to awesome
why did you not take a picture of the freakishly large potato chip?
When I was little I loved the smell of coffee, and I kept a small baggie full in my drawer like it was potpourri 馃榿 (warning: this lead to addiction) 馃槈
i had a jesus pizza
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