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The captain with his navigator We're adorable! 馃槏 @LuffyNewman Can't wait for Film Gold!!!! Who else is ready????! @HunnaBallue @ChrisStephens @DevilsSon One Piece is love One Piece is life 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
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I literally am in love with this!! Best pic I've ever seen!! The beauty and the beast!! Haha!! Makes me so so pumped for Film Gold!!!!!!! Cannot wait. Counting down the seconds hah!!
Without Nami, Luffy would be lost. I know someone said that at a time and I always liked it because it's true...Luffy probably sucks at directions. 馃槖
@Sharia haha def true NAKAMA!! I can atleast find meat tho!! Not as bad as Zoro!! I just have perfect faith in my navigators skills!! When I decide on something crazy she gets me there or when I'm being sour faced she can change it!! Navigator of not only the seas but navigates Captains life itself!! Truth!! The wild and crazy crew, seems our navigator @KurosakiJess well I'd be lost in life without her, and our archaeologist @HunnaBallue keeps her cool no matter what and truly is caring and helps those in need as well as another backbone to our crew, the women are the only sane ones haha!! Me, my first mate Zoro @ChrisStephens well he is a lost cause for directions but his sword skills and always having captains back and keeping a captain to his word makes him true first mate material. And SogeKing @DevilsSon the secret Ussop is just as goofy as me and chopper and brook haha but I know he always believes in his crew and captain no matter the situation!! I truly have the best crew!! And we will only grow closer and stronger!! If anyone hurts my NAKAMA or my NAKAMA's dreams I will protect it all with everything I've got. Their drama are my dreams as well!! Straw Hat Crew forever!!
Aww 馃槉馃槏 @LuffyNewman
@LuffyNewman you got that right. nakama for life.