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(My 18th try after my laptop crashed @Tamaki1618 )
Day 5: Bias in red
Day 5: Other guy biases! (In order, this took me an hour)
After my lovely Tae, lies my ultimate wrecker Park Jimin from BTS. The two of them gang up on me for feels and it's VERY STRESSFUL.
Moving on from that adorable jerk we have Kris Wu, aka Wu Yifan, my first Ultimate before he left Exo but now he is solo.
Following him is Oh Sehun aka the hot noodle, Kim Won-sik aka Ravi from Vixx (Courtney's bias group), and Mark Tuan from Got7! Also I'd like to add Yoo Sung-Oh from 24k as my 6th bias but he's more of a special mention.