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My favorite style of Jpop is the happy, uplifting kind that is perfect for summer.

When I listen to it, I should have a smile on my face and feel like dancing!

Here are three of my favorite summer Jpop tracks from boy groups :3

Tohoshinki - Summer Dream

Throooooooowback! I miss the golden days of TVXQ and wish I could get some new Tohoshinki tracks to jam to. Summer Dream is a fun, funky dance track that is perfect for summer nights :3

NEWS - Summer Time

I can't believe I still remember all the words to these songs....This is one of my favorite NEWS songs and the video is super cute. Tegoshi is still bae and this video makes me want to hit the beach!

Infinite - She's Back

This is one of my favorite remakes by a Kpop group. I tend to not like Japanese versions of a song I first heard in Korean, but this was made really well and the video is so fun!
Tagging my Jpop lovelies!
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@jiggzy19 i havent heard so I'll DEFINITELY check then out!! Thank you^^
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I tend not to like Japanese versions of K-Pop songs either, but that actually wasn't too bad. I think the fact that the main part of the chorus is in English & thus doesn't change helps a lot... Personally, although they're a co-ed group, I really like AAA for summer music.
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One more thing, concerning you remembering the words to NEWS' songs, I also came to a realization the other day... That I remember all the dance moves to Kanjani8's songs. XD
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@kagamigensou AH YES!! AAA is really good for summer!!!!!!! I love them!!! o(^▽^)o @kpopandkimchi you're welcome~~~
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I love she's back.
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