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At first I was scared to post my own stories but it's fun and it's what I like to do so I'll keep doing it *thank you guys for supporting me to do what I enjoy*

*Maria's P.O.V* I looked over at Lexi and her face was almost back to normal "You really like him don't you?" I asked her positive I knew what her response would be "Yeah, I guess I do.." she looked at the floor and smiled to herself so I knew what she felt was serious. "Well since we still have time how about you actually show me around" I said in a serious voice but laughed a little after so she knew I was joking "That's actually a good idea, follow me" she said while grabbing my left backpack strap and pulling me along. *Baekhyun's P.O.V* I drank my water and sat there thinking about how Lexi turned red as soon as she heard his voice she wasn't even facing him xD it was adorable because I don't think she's noticed that Chanyeol has liked her since elementary school. "YA! what were you thinking about that you spilled your water" I heard Chanyeol ask a little confused because I had spilt a lot and didn't notice. It had slipped my mind that he was there but I was happy that he was because I had something to ask him "How do you know her!?!... I mean how do you know Maria?" I tired to play it off cool but I think I was just making it worse. *Chanyeol's P.O.V* Inner Monologue [Wow she so pretty I can't believe I just sat by her (Lexi) I didn't really think about it, I went with what my heart was telling me and Baekhyun hyung he was acting so awkward around Maria I've never seen him like that and hes been my best friend since I could remember... does he perhaps like her...?? Ahhh why am I wet??] "YA! what were you thinking about that you spilled your water" I asked him a little confused because I thought he was paying attention but apparently he was in some sort of deep thought, he hadn't even noticed I was eating his food xD he must like her a lot. "How do you know her!?!... I mean how do you know Maria?" he asked me and he could not have made it more obvious... it was official he fell for her but how!?!?! it's the first day of school!! "Oh um she's in the schools marching band... we met over the summer in early week" I told him simply. "Early Week..? What's that??" he asked curiously you could tell that the musical side to her made him fall for her even more. "Early Week is for students who are going to be in the music programs to get to know each other and the upperclassmen so they could be comfortable asking for help when they need it" I told him "Ohhh... that's all right?" he asked "Yeah pretty much... um oh now that you're asking during early week she became close friends with one of the guys from Choir named Chen he's supper cool and he sings amazing" I told him not thinking anything about it. "What!?! is there anything else I should know?!?" he asked me frantically "Oh yeah Maria and Lexi are cousins"

** I hope you guys liked it !! for other people writing their own stories !!❤FIGHTING❤!! **