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I used to be really crazy about him, don't get me wrong he's still good looking but let's not forget HOW super good looking he was years before!
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lol @leecatlee @shoenami @suranimh Prince William sort of lost that heartthrob image, alright but give him some credit! he's a dad now, and a good family man :)
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@blairwitme @leecatlee @suranimh Harry is the "It boy" now.. he's like the Prince without all those responsibilities.. which is much cooler, no? XD
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@shoenami @leecatlee @suranimh Harry became the most eligible bachelor in Britain i think, but he has a girlfriend
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who's the girlfriend? is it still that heiress girl?
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@shoenami well, i don't know which heiress you're talking about right now, they're pretty much all heiresses lol
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