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You hear a loud bang, someone sneaks up on you, a cup falls off the table and makes a noise....

How do YOU react to a shock?

For me? I either SCREAM (even if its the stupidest little thing) or I try to act really cool like nothing fazes me.

Which are you?

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*walks away from the scene (shady AF)*
It depends on a lot of different factors. I don't always react the same way to the same things.
it's really hard to scare me, my self-awareness is heightened so the only way to scare me would be when I'm concentrating really hard on something. but when I get scared like boo! I just twitch and look at the person like dafuq?
shriek or twitch/jump
Either I'll just jump a tiny bit and seem like I didn't get scared or I'd really jump! But that's only happened once or twice.... cx